Download instructions for ITSR2017 video
Thursday, 02 November 2017 14:16

This article has been updated: using the screen recorder on an iPhone or iPad has been added as a way to save the video for offline viewing.

How to watch and/or download the Route 6 video 

This years savanne rally will utilize modern technology for some of the assignments. Your first assignment, after your stay at Bergendal, will be to find the breakfast location using a video.
The video is accessible in many different ways. Use whatever means works best for you!


Watch online (internet access needed)

To watch the video online (you'll need an active internet connection for this):

Download for offline viewing

To download the video to your phone or tablet for offline viewing, you have several options, described below.


Download on Android and other non-Apple platforms:

Download the MP4 directly from the SARK website using this link:
The video will probably start to play right away. Look for a download button that allows you to save it on your device.


Download on Apple (iPad and iPhone)

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow saving of downloaded video material using the default internet browser. But fear not, there are other ways!

  1. You can search the Apple app store for a video player that can download and save videos for later viewing.
    A free app that will allow you to save the video and play it again later, without internet access, is Infuse 5.
    You can find Infuse 5 in the iOS app store via this link:

    Once you have Infuse 5 installed, use it to download the video from the URL

  2. Update: an Apple user alerted us to another way to save the video on an iPhone. 
    Use the built in screen recorder to record the video as it plays.
    Clever! However, this only works on the very latest version of iOS (version 11).
    Tap here for instructions on using the screen recorder.

  3. You can use Google Drive to make the video available offline.
    Unfortunately, posting a link to Google drive here causes Google to mark this page as "dangerous". So we had to remove this option from the site.

  4. If all of the above sounds like Greek to you, fear not. 
    The video will be displayed on a large screen TV at the VTC (Bergendal) Saturday evening.
    Bring your iPhone or iPad and, using the camera, record the video shown there.

    Or, point your iPhone or iPad camera at a PC or laptop display and record the video right now!
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